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January 31, 2019

Understanding the Prescription Landscape: Pharmacy Care Insights Now Online

The medication marketplace has changed dramatically in recent years and the advances we’re seeing today are staggering. With specialty medications, we can actually cure diseases that were once incurable, such as Hepatitis C. However that comes with a hefty price tag and a myriad of other concerns. Specialty medications can cost upwards of $100,000 a year and as these treatments are complex in nature, there are many other considerations, particularly adherence, which can be even more difficult to achieve with unique treatments.

Specialty medication advances are showing no signs of slowing down, with 64% of the new drugs being developed today comprised of costly specialty treatments. While these new medications could revolutionize healthcare, due to their complexity, high-touch, personalized pharmacy care is needed to ensure optimal outcomes.

At EnvisionPharmacies, we believe sharing information helps us all better understand the issues that affect the cost of medication and the treatment of the patients we serve, ultimately leading to better insight and decision-making for healthier outcomes. As a National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and URAC-accredited pharmacy offering home delivery of traditional maintenance and specialty medications through a care model that focuses on the unique needs of patients, we understand the latest treatments available and what is needed to optimize costs and outcomes.

With our extensive experience and expertise in pharmacy care, EnvisionPharmacies has created a dynamic resource to share our knowledge online, providing regular information and updates on new therapies and current prescription benefit issues, providing insight on the clinical benefits, cost effectiveness and overall impact to payers, physicians and patients.

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We hope you find this online resource to be informative and useful.