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September 26, 2019

Patient-Centric Culture: Complex Conditions Require an Individualized and Comprehensive Approach to Pharmacy Care

As the number of drugs available and their costs continue to rise, it’s critical to select a pharmacy partner that understands the unique requirements of managing patients with complex conditions. In fact, so far this year, 27 novel drugs have received FDA approval.[1] Access to these medications is just the beginning. A quality pharmacy experience today is rooted in comprehensive, coordinated care and the ability to support patients on their journey to healthier outcomes.

Knowing that every patient’s story is unique, EnvisionPharmacies provides a proactive, hands-on approach tailored to each patient’s individual needs. We prioritize the patient in every interaction with the ultimate goal to consistently achieve optimal outcomes—for each patient and each plan sponsor.

EnvisionPharmacies’ patient-centric culture is demonstrated in every aspect of our pharmacy care, from education even before the first dose is taken, to listening and responding to the patient voice, and linking the patient to financial assistance in order to improve adherence and outcomes. We use five-point common sense approach that put the patient first, every time.

  1. patient-centric_Graphic Quote v2Individualized Care - Our care plans are unique for each patient and specifically customized by both disease state and drug. EnvisionPharmacies' Care Navigators and pharmacists design customized pathways, assessing risks for successful treatment, readiness for therapy, benefits of therapy, disease progression and adherence for better health outcomes.

    To achieve successful results, we take the extra step of ensuring that elements of readiness are present beyond what can be assessed by a prior authorization, controlled through step therapies or even understood in a physician visit. Before the first dose is taken, our specially trained pharmacists educate the patient on what to expect, determine the optimal time to start therapy and the patient’s readiness to begin the treatment regimen. Throughout treatment, they continue to monitor and engage the patient to help boost confidence and ensure successful completion. We demonstrate that the notion of “the right drug, for the right patient, at the right time,” is an integral part of our therapy management approach.
  2. Listening to the Patient Voice - We know pharmacists are consistently rated by patients as one of the most accessible and trusted healthcare professionals. As such, we take on the responsibility to actively amplify the patient voice. Listening to and supporting each patient is the first and most important step. Our carefully crafted tools and analytics capture and report on the full patient experience. For example, by having multiple checkpoints to assess patients’ confidence in therapy, we are able to uncover unique insights, which offer us an opportunity to mitigate risk for both the patient and plan.
  3. Coordination and Support – Multiple touchpoints between the pharmacy care team and the patient ensures support throughout treatment, but we don’t stop there. By engaging prescribers every step of the way, we are able to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our care coordination and support.
  4. Financial Assistance – Affordability of medications is a key driver for adherence, as barriers to successful therapy can often be financial in nature. That is why it’s important to link patients to all available savings opportunities. EnvisionPharmacies works with patients to help them navigate manufacturer copay assistance programs that can lessen the financial burden associated with chronic illness.
  5. Hero Culture – It’s not just our medications that produce results. Our people go to work, every day, to improve cost and clinical outcomes for our patients. We teach patients how to better manage their conditions and believe that we have opportunities— sometimes big, but often small—to be a hero for patients who depend on us for their medications.

Dedication to the patient is the difference between simply supplying a medication and truly impacting the quality of a patient’s life. You need a pharmacy partner that has a patient-centric culture, intelligent processes and insightful reporting incorporated in everything that they do to help patients successfully manage their conditions and medications for the best possible outcomes. Through superior customer service, elite clinical programs and operational flexibility, EnvisionPharmacies takes a common sense approach to the pharmacy experience, helping you reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

[1] FDA – Novel Drug Approvals for 2019. Retrieved from Updated 9/12/2019.

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