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May 22, 2019

How to Tell a Good Pharmacy from a Great One: Accreditation

Image_duotone_soccerhuddle_2016Healthcare has changed dramatically over the past decade, especially with the advancement of specialty medications to treat complex conditions. While these drugs are vastly improving the lives of many patients, they are also increasing drug spend astronomically and their complex nature can make adherence to therapy complicated. It is important to work with a specialty pharmacy that understands the treatment options and potential concerns in order to help patients get the most from their costly therapy.

Payers, prescribers and patients have an array of specialty and mail order pharmacies to choose from, so how do you know which one will offer the most comprehensive care for patients? Accreditation from industry leader URAC, a third-party organization that helps ensure pharmacies adhere to and practice the highest standards, can help put your mind at ease.

URAC is recognized by health plans, employers, regulators and providers as the gold standard in accreditation. Its accreditation standards raise the bar on quality improvement efforts, and support consumer protection and empowerment. EnvisionPharmacies was recently reaccredited by URAC for both Mail Order and Specialty through May 1, 2022. We’ve held both of these accreditations since 2013, representing our ongoing commitment to meet or exceed industry standards and continuously improve our service offering.

What Earning URAC Accreditation Means

Accreditation is earned through continuous improvement and ongoing commitment to industry standards. At EnvisionPharmacies, we go to work every day to improve the quality of life and care for those in need. Our dedication to the patient is what sets us apart. Beyond simply dispensing the medication, we offer a high-touch, personalized care experience for all patients. Our URAC accreditations affirm our commitment to being a top-tier pharmacy.

URAC acts as an independent, impartial organization and performs a rigorous, transparent and comprehensive evaluation of systems, processes and performance of a pharmacy, assuring that it is indeed operating according to predetermined industry criteria and national standards.

The URAC Specialty Pharmacy accreditation demonstrates a pharmacy's value in delivering specialized clinical services by confirming a pharmacy:

  • Has policies and procedures in place to ensure consumers have access to appropriate medications
  • Maintains methods to measure customer satisfaction
  • Protects consumer health information
  • Has policies and procedures that ensure adherence to drug safety protocols
  • Follows a logical blueprint for quality management, maintenance and reporting
  • Meets rigorous performance measures for accuracy and turnaround time of dispensed prescriptions
  • Has a patient-centered strategy for its patient management program
  • Ensures the timeliness and performance of customer service center operations
  • And more

The URAC Mail Order accreditation shows a commitment to quality improvement, accountability, consumer protection and patient care. The standards cover organizational quality, customer service, communications and disclosure, drug utilization management, pharmacy operations, and a process for mail service outcomes measure and quality improvement.

Focus on Continuous Improvement and Better Healthcare

With the healthcare industry continually changing and development of new, complex and costly drugs, it is imperative to have a pharmacy partner that stays on top of the trends and has the knowledge, ability and processes needed to properly dispense medications while improving patient outcomes.

As part of our URAC accreditation, we have programs in place to regularly monitor and update our processes and ensure we continue to deliver the best possible pharmaceutical healthcare. With URAC accreditation, EnvisionPharmacies shows that it has demonstrated a commitment to quality healthcare and accountability based on rigorous national standards and fosters continual improvement.